Limited Edition Print Set (15) – Local Knowledge


Artists: Sally Lundburg & Keith Tallett (Les Filter Feeders)
Title: Local Knowledge, series
Info: 15 Archival inkjet reproduction prints on premium photorag paper. Signed/numbered by artists. Image: 10″ x 10″. Paper: 12″ x 12″. Limited Edition of 10.

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Product Description

To celebrate and support our participation as artists in the Honolulu Biennial 2017, we are releasing the complete set of the 15 works being exhibited as as series of Limited Edition reproduction prints. The Honolulu Biennial runs from March 8 – May 8, 2017. We are also releasing 1 individual print, each week that Follow us on Instagram @lesfilterfeeders to be alerted to each week’s surprise print release.

These are linited edition archival reproduction prints, of an original mixed media painting series by artists Sally Lundburg & Keith Tallett (Les Filter Feeders). The original works in the Local Knowledge series combine a photographic print on habotai silk, enamel paint, powdered pigment & epoxy resin on wood panel. The Local Knowledge works, begun in 2014 during Sally & Keith’s residency at Present Project in Oahu, are meant to serve as alternative signage, providing warnings, invitations, and anecdotal observations for communities in transition. Les Filter Feeders play with humor and irony, and make use of misspelling, letter placement, and image/text juxtapositions to allude to hidden meanings. These pieces stem from the concept of local knowledge as a knowledge system that is dynamic as people adapt to changes in their environment and absorb and assimilate ideas from a variety of sources. All communities possess local knowledge – rural and urban, settled and nomadic, original inhabitants and migrants. To see more of the series, visit their website http://www.lesfilterfeeders.com/project/local-knowledge/